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What Parents & Educators Say

“I bought this book a couple of years ago for my 6 year old son, who was having behavior issues at school and at home. Not only did he love reading it, he would later remember the tips from the book whenever he was angry, and would successfully de-escalate himself. It was amazing. He’s now 8 and such a great caring kid, he now reads this book to his 2 year old brother. Illustrations and written story are great and this book is truly a pleasure to read. Reading this to my kids, I often choke up a bit, because it makes me reflect on my own behavior, realize my own imperfections and re-focus my thinking in a positive direction. This simple book is truly a treasure.”

“There is something about the flow of ideas in this book which is very engaging. I found this myself and both of my sons were taken in by it too. The language is clear and logical and quite simply makes a lot of sense. I think this is an excellent book for children such as my older son who need the kind of reasoning used in the book to be laid out logically and explicitly for them. ”

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for your books. We LOVE them in our house and they have been tremendously valuable to my daughter who adores and devours each one..Your books have opened a window to the kind of knowledge that simply does not come naturally to her, and provides it within a framework that is warm, supportive, loving, inclusive, natural, and most importantly, instructional.
I have already watched how the lessons contained within them seamlessly flow into her daily conversation and life (“May I please have some cheddar bunnies, Mommy?–this after a couple readings of Be Polite and Kind.) My words cannot adequately express the gratitude I feel for the work you have done, and ..I would love to be able to thank you in person.
As a mother of a child with special need, I feel as though your books are a critically important piece of the therapeutic work my daughter does on a daily basis. You are a partner in our efforts and in particular, I feel as though your work supports me in my quest to help my daughter navigate and integrate into the world. I simply could not do it without you.
So from one mother to another, please accept my heartfelt gratitude.
Kindest and warmest regards, [A mother in Chicago] “

“I wanted to say that I absolutely appreciate and adore your books as does my son who is now four and a half. I hope you know that they are superb!” (A Mother in New York)

“What a simple concept. My daughter was coming home asking why the other kids wouldn’t play with her. It broke my heart…She tends to be a little shy. After reading this book (Join In and Play) and talking about it just a couple of times, her teacher actually stopped me at school and told me she couldn’t believe how much my daughter had blossomed overnight. I told her about the book and she told me that was exactly what my daughter was displaying in class. Asking to play, introducing herself, and if she had trouble joining in with a large group, just asking the teacher to help you join in. Now when we go anywhere she introduces herself and asks why the other kids are so shy…and tells me it’s OK…everyone gets a little shy sometimes. Thanks for a great book!”

“The learning to get along series is certainly the best for children and parents.”

“An excellent series–get them all! I would highly recommend any of the books in this series by Cheri Meiners. . Truthful without being preachy or overly wordy, the series shows children and family members from many different ethnic groups in the colorful illustrations, and each book addresses issues which are developmentally critical to this particular age group: sharing, taking turns, being afraid, listening, respecting others, helping out at home, etc. These books have helped my son to have more empathy for his peers. It is exciting to hear him use ideas from this series to problem solve.” 

“These books are cleverly written. All the books in the ‘Learning to Get Along’ series are fantastic. They teach vital social skills (paying attention, sharing, respecting others property, etc) to children in a way that they can understand. You can’t go wrong with any of these books!”