12 Ways to Help Young Children Calm Down

By Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed., author of the Learning About Me & You, Learning to Get Along®, and Being the Best Me!® series We live in stressful times. One of the most frequent challenges parents and teachers face is with helping children calm themselves and process strong emotions such as fear, anxiety, frustration, and anger. These emotions, while commonContinue reading “12 Ways to Help Young Children Calm Down”

Great Ways Children Can Help on Thanksgiving

Gathering with family and friends each November can be a time to reflect on all the good people and things in our lives. We enjoy a sense of belonging and connectedness as we celebrate together. Young children are excited to participate and help in these festivities that bring people together—whether that includes visiting with guestsContinue reading “Great Ways Children Can Help on Thanksgiving”

Helping Children Join In and Play at Recess

I remember the anticipation of the first day of school when I was in first grade, and again as a first-grade teacher and as a mother of six. In every situation, I hoped that the school year would be rewarding socially as well as academically. Children can be more focused on their work, improve theirContinue reading “Helping Children Join In and Play at Recess”

How to Build an EC Classroom Culture Where Children Listen

Isn’t it amazing that two-year-olds born anywhere in the world have acquired the listening skills needed to understand and speak their native languages—complete with intonation and inflection? Listening is a vital precursor to academic and social learning. As children grow, they learn to understand and interpret many different types of sounds. We can help themContinue reading “How to Build an EC Classroom Culture Where Children Listen”

Helping Children Develop Social Skills Through Play

Play can take on myriad of forms depending on the developmental maturity and personality of the child, the setting and resources available, and the child’s group of peers. Some might assume that if children aren’t involved in an adult-planned activity that they aren’t developing or learning anything important. Yet play isn’t just a frivolous wayContinue reading “Helping Children Develop Social Skills Through Play”

Build a Sense of Belonging in the Early Childhood Classroom

Mr. Rogers was a strong advocate for children. In his much acclaimed and long running television show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, he treated children gently and warmly and made them feel that they were a part of his intimate circle of friends. Mr. Rogers understood that a sense of belonging is a basic human need and thatContinue reading “Build a Sense of Belonging in the Early Childhood Classroom”

Social Stories: An Individualized Learning Tool

A friend once asked me for advice regarding her two-year-old child. She was concerned about her daughter’s biting and tantrums, so I offered to help her write a social story for her daughter. Social stories are useful behavioral tools for teachers, counselors, and parents when working with any young child, and they have particular benefitsContinue reading “Social Stories: An Individualized Learning Tool”

Helping Children Grow Strong

Children, though young and small, have within them everything they need to grow to adulthood. As children learn to love and appreciate their amazing bodies, they will likely find motivation to develop healthy habits for building and maintaining wellness. Some of these key habits are eating healthy foods, especially those from plants; drinking clean water;Continue reading “Helping Children Grow Strong”

Guiding Dreams: 6 Activities to Help Young Children Set and Achieve Goals

I was recently introduced to a study by Walter Mischel that was conducted at Stanford in the 1960s. In a controlled environment, children ages four through six were given a treat such as a marshmallow. They were told that they could eat it immediately or choose to wait in the room (for up to twentyContinue reading “Guiding Dreams: 6 Activities to Help Young Children Set and Achieve Goals”

Helping Your Child Adjust to All-Day Kindergarten

Has your child started all-day kindergarten this fall? Most children this age, whether or not they have attended preschool, are transitioning to new challenges such as a more demanding schedule, new classwork, making new friends, and developing confidence. Let’s take a look at how you might bolster your child in four important ways: physically, academically,Continue reading “Helping Your Child Adjust to All-Day Kindergarten”