Teaching Children to Cool Down and Work Through Anger

Children, like all of us, are frequently bombarded with situations that are unexpected, frustrating, or hurtful. Anger is a natural secondary emotion when children feel out of control. They may feel threatened when their belongings or personal space is being invaded, when they are not being respected, when they can’t have something they want, orContinue reading “Teaching Children to Cool Down and Work Through Anger”

Character Education: Growth of the Whole Child

A few weeks ago I watched the true story Freedom Writers with my two teenage girls. In the movie, Erin Gruwell, a young, inexperienced high school teacher in Long Beach, California, in the early 1990s, inspires and unites her diverse class of “unteachable, at-risk” high school students. Outside the classroom, these students—who were about 13–14 years old—facedContinue reading “Character Education: Growth of the Whole Child”

Prescription for Your Child: A Dose of Understanding Mixed with Kindness

Recently, an acquaintance shared this incident with me. His daughter had been wetting the bed at night. Frustrated that he needed to wake in the middle of the night to help her change her sheets and get situated back into bed, he was often short with her. Each night as he awoke, he felt impatientContinue reading “Prescription for Your Child: A Dose of Understanding Mixed with Kindness”